Renault Reveals Its Autonomous Car Concept “EZ-Ultimo” Under The Limelight Of The Paris Motor Show 2018!

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The car looks more like a luxurious hotel on wheels. As electric impetus picks up conspicuousness and self-driving ability goes to the fore, automakers around the globe have been scrambling to display their dreams of what the self-governing vehicle without bounds could resemble. Also, this […]

Koeingsegg Will Not Be Going Fully Electric At Least For The Next 5 Years According To Christian Von Koeingsegg.

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Tesla revealed the Roadster in an attempt to gain attention from the most innovative automobile manufactures in the world, Koeingsegg is one of them.  Tesla isn’t out to simply make electric vehicles. It’s out to emphatically upset the car business. What’s more, standard automakers aren’t […]