Koenigsegg:The Agera XS is here and it’s very orange.

It appears to be fitting that a car named XS and outlined particularly for the US would be demonstrated first at Monterey Car Week, the most inordinate show of vehicular over-the-top-itude there is. Koenigsegg demonstrated the Agera XS the previous evening at McCall’s Motorworks Revival at the Monterey Jet Center. The exceptionally orange car will likewise show up at The Quail on Friday.

A short refresher on the XS: It’s an Americanized rendition of the Agera RS, worked for the primary US Agera client. The XS utilizes an indistinguishable power train from the RS, a 1,160-drive, 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 supported by a seven-speed paddle-move transmission.

There’s a tremendous wing on the back – the hugest Koenigsegg has ever put on a car, since that is the thing that the proprietor needed. (XS, get it now?) And it’s truly orange.This marks the Swedish super-hyper-mega car producer’s reentry into the US advertise. It likewise introduces 2016 Monterey Car Week, and we’ll have more for you from the Monterey landmass over the coming days.The car is soo much lovable that we needed to post an exhibition of it’s killing looks and locate another backdrop for your Pc.

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