Koenigsegg: The One Has Been Mauled In What May Be The Most Expensive Nurburgring Crash Ever.

When authorities at the Nurburgring chose to lift as far as possible set after the 2015 crash amid a hustling occasion that killed an onlooker, hypercar maker Koenigsegg got the green light to start honing for a world record lap time.

Given that its One:1 hypercar makes 1,341 strength to give twist drive-esque quickening, it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why bothersome speed breaking points were blocking on the Swedish automaker’s endeavors at beating the Porsche 918’s lap time of 6:57.

In any case, there is confirmation to demonstrate that even a Koenigsegg undercarriage possessed by an expert hustling driver may not be sufficient to monitor the majority of that power, in light of the fact that the One:1 being utilized for the run has recently slammed.

Points of interest are scarce, however what we do know is that the driver was sent to the clinic and discharged that day, demonstrating that at any rate the wellbeing frameworks were working fine and dandy in the wake of being required in the Green Hell’s most costly collide with date.

The main proof to demonstrate to us what happened is a couple of slip imprints suggesting that the driver was carrying an excess of speed before ravaging the $2.85 million dollar hypercar by hitting a guardrail and flipping onto the opposite side of the wellbeing boundary.

Sadly, the One:1 was totally battered in the crash and it creates the impression that repairs are unrealistic given that the car now comprises of broke carbon fiber and fiercely shorn off bumpers.

The airbag was likewise conveyed and if the singing of the backside is recounting anything, it would seem that the One:1 was ablaze for a short minute. Given the gravity of the crash, it’s unimaginably fortunate that nobody was harmed, albeit now that one of the seven Koenigseggs has been wiped out, the One:1 is currently significantly nearer to eradication than it was some time recently.

Ideally Koenigsegg won’t permit the occurrence to stop its record lap time journey and will backpedal to the track once it gets a touch of r&r.well koeingsegg is going a litte too quick we guess.Here’s a recording of the crash underneath!

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