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Nissan: The New GT-R Track Edition Is One Godzilla Americans Will Be “Ok”.

So far Nissan has just reported two US-headed trims for the 2017 GT-R: the section level Premium model and the top-level Nismo version. Abroad it’s an alternate story. There’s the Premium, Prestige, Black and Nismo.

Presently you can add the Track Edition to that rundown. It spaces just beneath the Nismo and has a sticker price of £91,995 ($119,452). It will pack a similar motor tune as the base model, implying that its 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 will make 565 drive and 467 lb-ft of torque. So what makes it worth the additional cash?

German GT-R Track Editions will get carbon fiber-upheld situates as standard yet the auto’s carbon fiber wing is discretionary. In the UK the spoiler is standard yet the seats come are Recaro. To the extent the inside goes, a similar tech from the section level model is extended with nothing changing by nation.

Once more, Nissan didn’t report regardless of whether the new GT-R Track Edition would make it stateside yet to us it doesn’t appear to be likely. The last and just Track Edition we got was an exceptional version restricted to only 150 units. It’s more probable that the following GT-R reported for the US will be the Black Edition. While more GT-Rs are never a terrible thing, the Track Edition appears like a model Americans can live without.

Yes, it’s a somewhat less costly offering than the wallet-slaughtering Nismo however it isn’t more effective than the base model, in spite of the fact that it will be better around the track. Nonetheless, while it will be more enjoyable to take out on Sundays, the erasure of the back seats implies that it will likewise be less reasonable.

Goodness, and Jeremy Clarkson called it one of the 10 most noticeably awful autos he’s as of late driven.So that is awful for nissan as the gtr track version won’t be perfect for streets.
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