Will The Creamsicle Paint Job Look Good On The Regera?

Not very many organizations can catch the consideration of the car world basically by discharging worker sourced setups of up and coming models. Koenigsegg has been doing this for a month or thereabouts and we’ve been dribbling over every single Regera its specialists have made. Most as of late the organization’s jolt build demonstrated to us how great the half and half hypercar would look in red carbon. Presently it’s the Swedish company’s leader of configuration’s turn. Joachim chose to give his Regera a creamsicle look.

To be particular the paint is Sweet Mandarine and the white stripe is really “Ice White” and is offered as a feature of the new Polar striping bundle. The brake calipers are dark and sit behind empty center carbon wheels. Everything except one of the worker spec’d Regeras have highlighted this wheel plan. Craftsmanship executive Lisa picked produced web wheels.

The inside components dark cowhide seating with “Snow” embeds and what has been named “Float” sewing in dark. Like model administrator Mattias Vox’s assemble, the middle stack is made out of cleaned aluminum. We lean toward the dark anodized look somewhat however both choices make for a delightful lodge.

Nobody knows to what extent Koenigsegg will continue discharging these in-house Regera renderings. The supercar looks so great that we trust they never quit. The enormous thing we need to know is how precisely did Christian von Koenigsegg spec his Regera?

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