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Koeingsegg Reveals One-Off The Agera RS And Some Customer Built Regera’s.

Look’s like some one is planning on conquering the Geneva Motor Show 2017.

One organization that dependably makes its nearness known at the Geneva Motor Show is Koenigsegg. The boutique hypercar organization is out to take the spotlight at the end of the day in Switzerland with another trio of cars. Koenigsegg is bringing the coincidental Agera RS Griffin and the initial two client duplicates of the cross breed Regera to the Swiss show. How about we begin with the Griffin first. The motivation for the name originates from a couple places, first is the incredible animal known for its quality and speed.

Those are two traits all Koenigseggs share. Fun certainty: The banner of Skåne, the Swedish territory where Koenigsegg’s Ängelholm manufacturing plant is found, has a griffin on it. The Agera RS Griffin includes a reasonable carbon outside highlighted by 24-karat gold leaf. Each gold highlight present was hand-connected by Ettore “Blaster” Callegaro, the Italian expert who did the gold leafing on the Agera Hundra.

The inside is a blend of dark Alcantara, carbon fiber and dark anodized aluminum. “Griffin” sewing is found on the dashboard and matches the badging, on the off chance that it can be called that, introduce on the car’s back quarter boards. The client who requested this Agera RS optioned it with the One:1’s motor spec.

This implies the 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 puts out 1,341 strength rather than the Agera RS’ standard 1,160 horses. Koenigsegg takes note of this makes it very near accomplishing the One:1’s energy to-weight proportion; the Agera RS scarcely comes up short as it has a check weight of 1,395 kilograms versus the One:1’s 1,360 kgs.

The Agera RS Griffin will be completely consistent with US controls so look out for it whenever you hit the roadway. Simply joking. Getting this car in the wild will be as improbable as observing a genuine griffin flying around. Notwithstanding the coincidental Agera RS Griffin the Koenigsegg stall will include the initial two client fabricated Regeras, one in green and the other in red.All the more particularly, the two Regeras are done in a turn on the exemplary British Racing Green and treat apple red. The green illustration highlights a lovely Saddle Brown calfskin inside. We adore the dark cowhide (with Ligonberry articulations!) on the confection apple red Regera however that Saddle Brown is something else.

Both cars were spec’d with Koenigsegg’s “Tresex” empty center carbon fiber wheels, which the automaker says are 40% lighter when contrasted with lightweight composite wheels of practically identical size. Wrapping the lightweight wheels are Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. The Regera is controlled by a 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 motor and three electric engines. The mix produces 1,500 hp, all of which is sent to the back wheels sans transmission.

Of these three mind boggling supercars our initial most loved is the green Regera, yet that could change once we see the trio in the metal one week from now in Geneva. We’ll make certain to post live shots of these Koenigseggs when we get them. For the time being look at these press pictures and let us know which one is your top choice. It’s more than OK in the event that you can’t choose.

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