This 250 Mph Danish Car Might Steal The Spot Light At Geneva.

Zenvo just unleashed it’s TS1 GT days before Geneva Motor Show 2017.

Danish automaker Zenvo has uncovered the TS1 GT tenth Anniversary online before its official divulging at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. The supercar is not another model as such. It’s a “radical reconsidering” of the TS1. That car wowed us at Geneva a year ago, yet tragically Zenvo is still known best to make supercars that burst into flames. The organization is planning to put those blazing recollections behind it with this exceptional release show commending the association’s tenth birthday. The TS1 GT is an incredible birthday present with its 5.8-liter twin-supercharged motor.

That strange power plant is useful for 1,150 torque and a top speed of 250 mph. Those are striking execution guarantees that we trust the Danes are prepared to go down on the track. Despite regardless of whether the TS1 GT can really hit 250 mph we know one thing without a doubt: This supercar looks damn great.

The shade of the paint is “Fjord Blue” and it looks totally dazzling. Those copper bronze stripes—that is the way Zenvo portrayed the shading—on the rooftop and hood were a smooth thought, as was leaving the carbon fiber on those boards uncovered. The TS1 GT is a coincidental model, and there’s no word on if Zenvo is wanting to clutch it or in the event that it will go available to be purchased/has as of now been bought. We’ll have more data and live shots once the Geneva Motor Show commences one week from now.

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