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Will The Koeingsegg One:1 Be Able To Break The Nurbrugring Record Of 6:40 Lap Time?

Koeingsegg would have easily beaten the Huracan Performante last year at the Nurburgring Track.

Nurburgring lap times are a topical subject in the car business at this moment. As of late, you may have heard that the Lamborghini Huracan Performante grabbed the crown from the Porsche 918 Spyder as the quickest creation car to set a lap around the ‘Ring, posting a record-breaking time of 6:52. All things considered, Christian von Koenigsegg, originator of the Swedish automaker Koenigsegg, has revealed to Top Gear that the 1,340-hp One:1 hypercar could give the Huracan Performante a keep running for its cash at the Green Hell.

Shockingly, the Koenigsegg One:1 presently can’t seem to post a lap time at the Nurburgring. A year ago, ABS disappointment brought about the madly effective hypercar to lose control and collide with a boundary. Had it finished a lap, nonetheless, Christian von Koenigsegg is sure that it would have set another record and whipped the Huracan Performante’s opportunity by a tremendous edge.

When we were doing the One:1 practice runs, we were at that point under seven minutes,” von Koenigsegg disclosed to Top Gear. “Also, that was a lackadaisical run. Everybody who drove the car stated, ‘on the off chance that we truly push hang our balls out, this is a 6:40 car’. At that point we had the doltish ABS disappointment, and we never got the opportunity to demonstrate it.”

In another disclosure, things being what they are the practice laps weren’t performed with full power. “We restricted the car to 900 torque, which is 460 short. In any case, that is just worth three to four seconds on the lap.” Question is, will Koenigsegg unleash the One:1 back onto the Green Hell for another endeavor and attempt to grab the record? “Time is passing at this point.

The One:1 had a place with a decent companion of mine and we’re presently repairing it for him.” At any rate, he said the Agera RS or the new Regera could likewise be competitors, however this might be purposeless as they aren’t track centered cars. “The One:1 had 600kg of downforce, though we have 400kg on the Regera – which is still a ton… yet it’s 200kg heavier… “.

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