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Supercharged Lamborghini Huracan Smashes The Half-Mile Record At A Speed Of 260 MPH!

The huracan produces more than 2000 HP and 1535 pound feet of torque. 

A weekend ago was commanded by new records set at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Amazingly, the completely electric Volkswagen I.D. R accomplished a sub-eight-minute time, crushing the through and through record held by Sebastien Loeb for a long time. Bentley additionally set another generation SUV record in the race to the mists. Be that as it may, both these car accomplishments eclipsed another record set by an adjusted Lamborghini Huracan.

A few supercars were seen dueling it out at the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack, yet the champion was a twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Huracan tuned by Underground Racing. On the off chance that that setup sounds recognizable, another Huaracan from the tuner set a 256.99-mph half-mile record a year ago. In any case, that hasn’t prevented Underground Racing from endeavoring to beat its own particular record.

Early runs demonstrate the Huracan hitting 244 mph, inciting the group to consistently change the car to enhance the footing. In the long run, the Huracan coordinates Underground Racing’s past record by hitting 256.99 mph once more. On the last run, be that as it may, the Huracan went much speedier achieving a speed of 259.67 mph, which was sufficient to set another half-mile record. It’s a great accomplishment, particularly when you consider the Bugatti Chiron would require three times the separation to achieve a similar speed. Underground Racing has a past filled with boosting Lambos to achieve insane speeds in the half mile. Back in May 2017, one of its altered Huracans set a record by hitting 250 mph at the time. Before that, another of the tuner’s adjusted Lambos hit 238.6 mph in 2015, again setting a record at the time. Because of current circumstances, it most likely won’t be some time before the group breaks the 260 mph hindrance.

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