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The last Koeingsegg Agera’s Are Named After Famous Movie Characters Like The “Thor” & “Vader” Recently Revealed At Goodwood.

You can have your Koeingsegg Agera RS custom named as well at a high price!

It’s the finish of a period: the Koenigsegg Agera run is currently total. The last two models, aggregately known as the Final Edition cars, have completed creation, and have been separately named Thor and Vader. The hypercars will be driven by their new proprietors out of the blue at an organization occasion in southern Germany this end of the prior week being sent to the UK for an appearance at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed one week from now.

Confusingly, Koenigsegg says these Final Edition cars are “an arrangement inside an arrangement.” That’s since they frame some portion of a selective three-car Agera Final arrangement initially reported in March, which began with the Agera Final One of 1. These Agera Final arrangement cars depend on the Agera RS however accompany all alternatives accessible to proprietors at no extra cost, which incorporates the advancement of bespoke streamlined highlights. Thor is done in two-tone clear carbon with precious stone piece in select segments of the paintwork. The body additionally includes a vast LeMans-style focal balance to keep the car stable at high speeds and additionally Koenigsegg’s dynamic streamlined arrangements.

Vader, then again, is done in clear carbon with precious stone drops and highlights two little back winglets and features completed in white gold leaf. Bespoke patterns likewise uncover the skeleton supporting the capacity of the dynamic back wing. The two cars fuse specially crafted front winglets, expanded front and back spoilers and the 1MW motor overhaul that knocks up the 5.0 liter twin-turbo V8 up to 1,341 hp and 1011 lb-ft of torque. The Koenigsegg Agera has been underway since 2010, making it the automaker’s longest-running model. It denoted a move from supercharging to turbocharging in Koenigsegg cars, and included the principal advancement of Koenigsegg’s Triplex suspension framework.

Be that as it may, the Agera will be most affectionately associated with breaking five world speed records a year ago where it was delegated the world’s quickest creation car. We’re eager to perceive what Koenigsegg thinks of next – and we’ll discover at one year from now’s Geneva Motor Show, where the Agera’s eagerly awaited successor will be uncovered.

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