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The Hennessey Tuned 1,200 HP Dodge Demon Can Hit A Zero To 60 MPH In Less Than A Staggering 2.2 Seconds!

Hennessey’s 1,100-hp Demon completed the quarter mile run in less than 9.1 seconds!

For the vast majority, the Dodge Demon has all that could possibly be needed muscle. With 840 horses in the engine, the Demon will rocket from 0-62 mph in a hair-raising 2.1 seconds and do the quarter mile in less than ten seconds. In case you’re as yet not fulfilled, Hennessey Performance is currently offering a HPE1200 update bundle that, as the name suggests, raises the yield to an incredible 1,200 hp. The tuner has discharged another video demonstrating a Demon with the HPE1200 bundle introduced in real life preceding a client conveyance.

To show its enhanced performance, Hennessey played out a straight-line quickening test where it took only eight seconds to speed from 64 mph to 148 mph. We presume it could likewise have the capacity to do the quarter mile in less than nine seconds after Hennessey’s 1,000-hp Demon timed a period of 9.14 seconds.

Hennessey discharged full subtle elements clarifying how it has figured out how to concentrate such crazy levels of power from the effectively strong Demon, however the supercharger has been overhauled and in addition the headers and fumes framework. Hennessey likewise utilizes produced internals and remaps the ECU.

Hennessey additionally makes the Demon NHRA consistent with a move confine and the car even gets a parachute overhaul. Indeed, this monster is so quick it needs a parachute to enable it to stop in time amid track runs.

At that point there’s the soundtrack: we could joyfully tune in to that shouting supercharger throughout the day. In the event that 1,200 hp sounds unreasonable, Hennessey is additionally offering a 1,000-hp tuning bundle for the Demon however the objective is to wrench the satanic muscle car up to 1,500 hp. Unfortunately, the Demon is no longer underway, however Hennessey will joyfully introduce comparative overhauls for your Charger or Challenger Hellcat.

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