Koeingsegg One 1 2013-2016.

The One:1 was presented in 2014. Seven cases, including one model, were worked amid 2014 and 2015.This was a standout amongst the most select creation car programs ever conceived in the car business. The hp-to-kg control weight proportion is an amazing 1:1. This is the “fantasy” condition, beforehand thought inconceivable with regards to completely street […]

Koeingsegg Regera 2015-2017.

The Koenigsegg Regera is a restricted creation, module mixture sports car produced by Swedish maker of elite games cars Koenigsegg. It was revealed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The name Regera is a Swedish verb, signifying “to rule” or “to run the show.” Only 80 units will be worked, of which 40 have as […]

The Agera RS 2014-2017.

The new Koenigsegg Agera RS has its concentration set immovably on the track yet is still ideal for consistent use out and about. It utilizes propelled innovation created amid our selective Koenigsegg One:1 program, while keeping up all the usefulness of past S and R models. Such reasonable items incorporate a usable gear compartment and […]

The Agera R 2011-2014.

The Koenigsegg Agera R was created in the vicinity of 2011 and 2014. 18 cases of the Agera R were created amid that time.The Agera R based upon the components and usefulness of the Agera with new, remarkable answers for improve both execution and visual appearance much further. Upgrades included: unmistakable carbon on the front […]