Koeingsegg Will Not Be Going Fully Electric At Least For The Next 5 Years According To Christian Von Koeingsegg.

Tesla revealed the Roadster in an attempt to gain attention from the most innovative automobile manufactures in the world, Koeingsegg is one of them. 

Tesla isn’t out to simply make electric vehicles. It’s out to emphatically upset the car business. What’s more, standard automakers aren’t the main ones being tested to shake things up with EVs of their own.

Talking with Top Gear, Christian von Koenigsegg said that the execution capacities gloated by the inevitable new Tesla Roadster have provoked his organization to raise its diversion. “We sort of had our future mapped out,” said Koenigsegg, “and afterward we caught wind of the new Tesla Roadster and its crazy increasing speed numbers, and we thought ‘damn that is put the gauntlet down’.”

“We thought, ‘this isn’t OK’. We pondered whether it was conceivable, and better believe it, it’s conceivable,” the Swedish hypercar maker. “At that point we thought, ‘alright how would we manage it? This is humiliating.”

Tesla guarantees its new electric sports car will have the capacity to quicken to 60 miles for every hour (96 km/h) from a halt in less than two seconds. By examination, Koenigsegg’s half breed Regera takes 2.7 seconds to make the 0-62 mph (100 km/h) run. In any case, Christian and friends aren’t out to make an all-electric supercar of their own to equal Tesla’s. Rather they’re more worried about “driving the ignition motor into the divider to endeavor to make it more power thick than an EV for whatever length of time that conceivable.”

“What we see with our motors, we’ve seen that we’re simply beginning to expose what’s underneath of what we can accomplish,” he told TG. By boosting the turbo pressure, Koenigsegg says they could separate “another 600 hp simply like that, without putting more weight on your motor on the grounds that your pinnacle weight doesn’t go up. Also, it would just devour around five for each penny more fuel.” So not at all like Elon Musk, CvK obviously trusts the inside burning motor still has a promising future in front of itself.

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