Ferrari’s Electric Supercar Faces A Battery Configuration Patent Potentially Delaying Its Launch Till 2025.

The design incorporates a “stacking of batteries” to create a “mid-engine” mounted electric supercar which has lead to some issues.

First spotted by The Drive, the patent for an “electric or crossover sport car” portrays a mid-mounted battery pack where the motor would ordinarily sit. Battery modules would sit on a subframe-like construction that could be rushed to the undercarriage. As well as stacking battery modules to make a “mid-engined” electric supercar, the patent additionally portrays mounting more modest modules under the floor of the traveler compartment. Ferrari additionally portrays a mixture arrangement that holds the mid-mounted battery pack, however with a front-mounted gas powered motor.

The midship battery pack is calculated somewhat vertically, which Ferrari says produces “negative lift,” logical significance downforce. Ferrari additionally says this arrangement “takes into consideration an optimal trade of hotness inside the stage,” demonstrating it could be intended to help battery cooling also. The patent archive explicitly says tube shaped battery cells would be utilized for the floor-mounted modules, yet takes note of that the mid-mounted pack could oblige “a wide range of cells, to be specific round and hollow, kaleidoscopic, or pocket cells.”

The battery arrangement patent follows a patent application for a secluded electric drive framework documented with the European Patent Office in 2020. While we won’t see these elements applied to an all-electric Ferrari for a couple of more years, the automaker intends to zero in on mixture models like the SF90 Stradale and 296 GTB. The organization is likewise investigating hydrogen and biofuels.

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