The Lamborghini Urus Has Some Major Technical Coding Issues Specially With The Infotainment System Where Even “Lamborghini” Isn’t Spelled Correctly.

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It’s quite odd for a recently launched vehicle specially a “Lamborghini” to face such technical problems. It’s not normal for there to be some minor issues with a recently propelled vehicle. Normally they are comprehended rapidly and with little to burden to the proprietor. Be that […]

The Most Expensive SUV In The World!

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A custom Ford F-550 Raptor costing $2 million and called “Kalmann King”.  From the ultra-sumptuous Bentley Bentayga to the protected Rezvani Tank, SUVs costing about $200,000 aren’t exceptional. We presume the up and coming Rolls-Royce Cullinan will have a wallet-crunching asking cost as well, yet […]